Capital Improvements Advisory Committee


Meets bi-annually: proposed February, August. May have Special Called Meetings.

Proposed location: 7 pm at 100 West Main Street, Police and Courts Building, Courts/Council Chamber. Check posted agenda for the exact date, time, and place.


Current Members
Term Expires
Jeff Hays - Chairman
September 30, 2022
Russell Flanigan
September 30, 2023
Phil Haggard
September 30, 2023
Kari Hollifield
September 30, 2023
Ron Jenkins
September 30, 2022
Sara HaleySeptember 30, 2023
Spencer Pattison
September 30, 2022
David Shivers
September 30, 2022


Eight Member Board for capital improvements designated by the City Council in accordance with Local Government Code Chapter 395.