Mental Health Resources & Information

As a part of the Royse City Police Department’s mission of providing a safe environment to live, work, and visit, and protecting life and property, we are committed to providing mental health resources for our citizens.  This is achieved through mandatory training on best practices for interacting with those who may experience mental health challenges, or mental health crises. 

As a department, every officer receives Critical Incident Training to assist in the de-escalation of potentially harmful situations.  We have also partnered with the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office to offer the Guardian Program, which allows families to provide the Royse City Police Department with specific information about their loved one who experiences mental health challenges or crises. Finally, we have listed several resources for those who suffer from mental health crises, in order to seek assistance

These efforts, programs, and resources, allow Royse City Officers a better chance at ensuring those in need of behavioral health services receive the necessary inpatient or outpatient behavioral health treatments.  To review the Guardian Program and/or mental health resources, please click the links below.


Guardian Program

Crisis Resources