TNR / Trap Rentals

Trap Neuter Release (TNR)

We offer a Trap Neuter/Spay Release (TNR) program where citizens are able to rent traps in order to catch stray/feral cats. Our facility will neuter or spay the animal, we then ask that you return and release them back in the area where they were originally caught. Please notify us at the time of the trap rental if the trap is for the TNR program so we can get you booked on our surgery schedule. You will need to fill out a TNR surgery form for the cats you bring in on the day of surgery.

TNR stops the breeding cycle of cats, reducing the size of the colony and therefore improves their lives while preventing extreme overpopulation of stray/feral cats.

Humane Trap Rental

Animal services have humane traps available for Royse City Resident's use. A trap rental agreement will need to be completed and a deposit of $25 for a wildlife trap is required. The deposit will be refunded when the humane trap is returned in good working order. Our staff will be happy to show you how to set the trap.